Wednesday, March 23, 2011

have no fear

We are still alive and well. With the end of winter and all the Novruz festivities, along with less than ideal internet abilities, we have not posted in quite a while. Since we have off from work this week due to the holiday, we will be doing some traveling, moving on April 1st to our own home and with any luck we will have more frequent internet (and the keyboard might not randomly switch to a Russian keyboard - just spent the last 2 minutes figuring out how to get it back to English.) Needless to say, we've been quite busy saying goodbну (did it again!) to winter. 

When we have more time, I'll be sure to post about Novruz and the massive amount of food we've eaten and the fires we've jumped over. I think there are quite a few of these traditions Ощун(Joey) and I would like to bring home.

Since this keyboard is making me nuts, that's it for now. More interesting stories and events to come.

We love and miss you all at home.