Thursday, May 26, 2011

The adventures of Jackie

About a month ago I was walking around the corner to my house and was distracted by some boys that usually come to my English club and they had not attended in the past few week. As I was asking how they were doing, I did not have my eyes on the path. I could feel the earth shake, the deep sounds of thumping, which all happened very fast, to then realize I was about to be trampled by a fast moving, huge cow.

In fact, I was not trampled. I apparently, have some very quick moves when I'm about to get run over by cows and the boys got some good laughs out of the situation. I quickly recovered and was able to safely enter my home without a scratch.

From my memory, I had never seen this cow before. We had only been in our house for about a month and the weather was still cold. Now, I realize this cow belongs to our next door neighbor family and since we have nicer weather and things like grass have greened up, I see her almost every day. Since 'the incident', I realize Jackie does not move that fast, so it makes me wonder about the day in question. Perhaps I was in the way of her grassy patch she'd been eying and she was getting there with some fierce speed or I remembered the speed of her humungous head nearing my face with a little more drama???

I do watch out when I turn the corner to see if she's coming but other than that I don't believe there is any other sustained psychological trama. To manage our relationship, Joey and I have affectionately named her Jackie. Every night when she is corralled into the gate, her voice loudly ecos over the wall as we eat our dinner and here's a bit of our typical conversation with her:

"Hello, Jackie"," Of course it was a good day"
"Good Night, Jackie",
"For goodness sakes, Jackie, enough"
"We said , Good Night"

We've found that having fake conversations are better than ones in person because people think we're crazy when we stop and talk to her on the road. Nobody, except us, seems to get a kick out of having a cow right outside the door.