Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quba (Goo-ba)

It’s official, after we are sworn in on December 9th as offical Peace Corps Volunteers, Joey and I will be moving north to a town called Quba (the Q is a G sound in Azeri). Since we have not yet been there to visit, I’d like to share what information we’ve heard. All the information we have so far is though Azerbaijani’s perspective and a short paragraph we received. So for all of you out there in the land of constant internet access, you have the opportunity to know far more than us within minutes.

  • Nestled within the Caucasus mountain range (it’s the first finger of AZ
  • Founded in the 18th century
  • Known for its apples
  • If it’s going to snow in AZ, the first snow will hit in Quba
  • It stays cold for 6-8 months
  • There are beautiful waterfalls
  • City folk vacation in Quba because of its mild summers
  • Known for its famous carpets -- you might just be able to watch them being made !
  • Near a unique Jewish community
  • Because of the mountains, to go anywhere west, we’ll have to go south through Baku first. We hear it could be a 30-minute to 3 hour drive to get to and from Baku
  • All the Azeris we talk to are really excited and are looking forward to visiting us. Believe me, they are honest when it’s not a place that isn’t that nice.

Joey and I are really excited to explore our new home next month. We will be living with a new host family, which we understand has 2 teenage sons. We’ll be there throughout the winter and will have the opportunity to find our own place come spring. I will be working with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Joey will be in a school (he should get more information this week). We feel really excited about this next stage and learning more about Quba is making our eagerness even greater!
If you are inspired to come visit, Welcome!


  1. Oooohhh! So excited for you! Sounds like you guys are doing great! We miss you!

  2. Looks nice! So happy you guys are acclimating. Let's get those kids playing soccer. Good luck at the ministry!