Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stateside party!

We really can't explain how excited we are for our upcoming visit to America.  Two weddings!  Tons of family!  Obscene amounts of fried foods!  Perhaps most of all, we're looking forward to seeing all our friends that we've been missing for the past year.  We'll be pretty busy throughout most of our visit, so we wanted to put together a specific event just for "hanging out."  On Thursday, Sept. 29th, we'll have a whole evening just for friends and family -- come out to the James Joyce Irish Pub in Durham, enjoy some great food and drinks, and say hello to us before we hit the road back to Azerbaijan!  We'll have the back patio all to ourselves, and my band The Monument Club will play a couple of sets of classic indie rock.

Party starts at 8pm.  DO IT!!

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