Monday, January 16, 2012

Confused Roosters

Lately, I've noticed in the middle of the night how the roosters just start crowing. There are a few things that I'm considering for this rooster confusion.
1) It could be that our neighbors just got a rooster or he just grew up enough to get his really loud pipes.
2) We recently had a full moon
3) Everyone just goes a little crazy, including roosters, in the Winter
4) And of course, a combination of all 3 and even things I've not yet considered.

So the other night when the neighbor rooster started its crowing around 2am, and it was loud enough to wake me up, I began thinking about the above ideas and how I might just be a confused rooster too. I still feel new, and will likely continue to feel new until the moment I leave Azerbaijan. I'm not sure how moons effect me but it was a tough week to be me last week. There wasn't anything particularly bad going on but simply feeling like my attitude was going down the 'American style toilet', thanks to hours of working on reports and them disappearing, a mouse or mice in the house and a surprise unplanned travel day. Also, this rooster gave me the ability to realize how cold it gets in the middle of the night, yet knowing we get to deal with the cold until May.

So, as you can tell, this rooster call did not put me in the best frame of mind. And for those of you that have woken me up in the middle of the night, you know, I'm not the nicest version of myself. What's a girl to do?


On Sunday I was invited to another PCVs home for a yoga lesson since she has a strong passion and a great ability to teach. Even jumping into the 1/2 full minivan (marshrutka) to get to the bus to ride for 45 minutes and then walk for 15 minutes, I was still feeling a little off and I was really hoping yoga would re-something me. I noticed 2 women wave the driver down and practically run toward the van (women rarely run here, especially in their heals and long fur coats). I recognized one of the woman as she entered the van, said our hellos and sat quietly for the short trip. When she got off at the bazaar, she put her hand on my knee and sweetly said to me, "I paid for your ride, Hillary" and got off with her friend. I was nearly in tears as I sat by myself in the first row thinking that even though I had been having a few low days, I am still a part of this community, people know me and respect me and I want to be the best version of myself for this community.

So even as confused as the roosters are, and as confused as I will periodically get, I just need to remember that simple kindness in this world, this country, this town and in my classroom can support and love me through it all!

Also, I now know that yoga is awesome and it's a great physical feeling ESPECIALLY in these long winter months. If anything, my tremendous soreness will be a reminder to not fall back into grouchy mode for a while!

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