Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Contest

Recently our director announced a seasonal photo contest for the winning photos to be displayed in the PC office. It all sounded fun and even easy until I read the 'it must be related to your work'. I can capture scenery, cool angles on snowy stuff all day long, but capturing what I 'do' was a lot harder, since I'm in the midst of it all. Because of this initiative, I now have pictures of my students I wouldn't have otherwise taken and I'm thrilled. Although they are not super artsy and I'm not banking on a win, I did want to share with you the pride I have in the work I do and am apart of. I love the young people I work with and I think I've been able to capture quite a bit of JOY, even in Winter!


PS - the end of the week, the weather is proving to be Spring! We have the door open airing the house out right now! Hopefully earlier this week, was the last of the snow...

FLEX students
Our afternoon hand drawn sunblocker - stained glass window
PCV Joey and Mike play snowballs with the neighbor kids
Joey getting a double work-out pushing sleds
Sweet Leyla!
The shortest lifespan of a snowman. Click. Now a pile of snow.
Looking through English speaking books after our book donation arrived!
Friday Art Club - drawing dragons.
The year of the Dragon
Friday Art Club - mixed ages, and it seems to work!
Hazrat putting the final touches on his groups clean trash robot
The little kids were very proud of their clean trash robot!
Our version of a sink for the month of February
Hauling water with the neighbor ladies was the only good thing about hauling water in a heavy snowstorm


  1. Glad the contest got you to document some of this stuff, your yourself if not for the grand prize. 8-)

    I really enjoyed seeing these too; it really brings home the work you do and (more importantly) the people you are impacting. Good stuff.

  2. I love this post. Seriously, it helps bring us into a little more of your world. love you friend!

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